Best IDE drivers



I’m reading around here and see people using different IDE drivers, my question is, what is the best IDE driver for me?

I have an Emperex IDE1008 DVDRW burner.


I think the IDE driver you need depends on the exact model number of your motherboard. This is due to the various chip-sets that you might have on your system.


In pretty much any case, the ones that come with Windows are all you need. Other ones typically cause conflict, not improve things.


Good advice. Then i guess i did some stupid things because i tried installing some, and i’m not sure if they are right, and where i am now.

Where do i find the original drivers i need?

My motherboard by the way is a Intel D865GBF.


I think that one of the reasons it gets mentioned is that nforce ide drivers often cause problems and if you have an nforce board and set it up right, you have nforce ide drivers. It kind of oppisite because normally you are much beter off using the proper drivers than generic windows ones (depends on the device though). I think nforce chipsets are exelent (running two now and my next upgrade will be to an nforce chiped board), but their ide drivers suck.


Just go into device manager, uninstall your ide devices, reboot, and windows should to install generic drivers, let it. Then see how the drivers identify them selves under properties for the device under device manager.


Not that easy: A reload microsoft will always go back to what you had unless you actually blow the orginals away and XP can’t find them. It’s simple enough to change the drivers. When your in there click “ill pick my own drivers” then the change will happen. XP remembers alot :slight_smile:


Xp used to do it (I’d swear to it), but you are right, last time I reinstalled it kept trying to keep the nforce drivers. Maybe it is newer versions of windows that do it. Next time I do a clean install, I’ll have to try it before I update windows and see what happens. I have a full retail xp disk that is a rather old version (cause I have had it for a long time).


Lord I hope you I us never have to reload again. I would be looking at close to 500,000 files and that is only one computer. My XP disc retail was bought just a week after release. Some day the OS drive will die and I don’t even want to picture it. Two full weeks to restore it. Three bottles of asprin and a case of booze. :smiley:


I unfortunatlly wont leave well enough alone. I’m always screwing with my computers. I’m often changing parts around, drives around trying diffrent things with diffrent raid arrays (which dirve/card will perform faster). As a result, I often destroy windows. Oh well, there is another 200 gig of files from a recovery that will sit there for years in a folder untouched except when I go looking for something that I need that I can never find. I think I have about 1.3-1.4 terabytes of hard dirve space and beter than half of it is folders from crashed windows drives (copy the entire drive to a folder, start fresh on a new install on a clean drive). My bigest nightmare has been raid though (capture cards/tv tuners come a close second). Why do I do it…
And a case of booze? Try cases of booze, screw the asprin, got a headeach, open the next case of booze and start working on the computer drunk again (amazinglly, I actully have never screwed up a computer drunk or even completlly plastered, I have to guess, cause I’m a lot more carfull, and a lot more relaxxed).


Why do you do it? Same reason as mine. We love it :iagree:


As sick as it is, yea we do…
Wanna hear something really funny? So I actually got the motivation to go through it all. I was moving all kinds of stuff around, mass deleting stuff, getting ready to really clean up my drives and back up things once and for all. So I’m moving every thing really important onto a 200 gig external, brand new drive, should be reliable. I about got the 200 gig full (not crap, the important stuff, like baby pics from age 0-9 months (he’s 9 months), knock the drive off the desk, fatally kill it (mechanically dead). You should have heard the heads screetcheing across the platters (you would have though the drive had a speaker and it was an error siren like on a motherboard). Time to pull every drive out of every computer, and start running recovery software on it. So the recovered stuff, filled eevvvery bit of free space I had including a new empty 300 gig, time to hunt through a few million files again!!! The thing that sucks is if it was a window drive (with installation), the programs have billions of files that are hard to wade through. I always find some way to make it, a little more fun for myself…
Actually, I blame antec for putting a usb port on the front of the case, making the cable to the external accessable to my foot (to trip on it), so its their fault, I’m suing!!! Just kidding of course, I know they award money to idiots for being stupid (spilled my mcdonalds coffee), but my luck doesn’t go that way. Knowing my luck, the judge would find all my porn and sentence me to some soort of anti porn crap?


Yes I agree with you[B] ripit[/B] Nforce chipsets are exelent !!! I only use Nforce chipset boards and I haven’t noticed any problems with there drives and only use there drivers. I tried the M$ ones but found the the nforce ones to work the best.


I have an Antec case. Took months before I even knew there was a little door with all those plugs. I still don’t use them. I can even trip over the wires in back of the thing. Well so far it’s safe and stable so ill leave it up to god to decide when I get my next headache.