Best IDE Burner?

:confused:I need to find the best ide burner out there. I have a dw1640 right now that is starting to burn a lot of coasters.

Here is what i need

  • Must be IDE
  • Must burn very well
  • Must be able to booktype
  • Dont really care about speed that much

Well if speed isn’t crucial hard to beat a Pioneer at 8x, either the 112 or 115 would be an option. In order to booktype you’ll have to modify firmware with MediaCodeSpeedEdit or crossflash to Buffalo firmware. LiteOn and Samsung support booktype although Samsung can’t be set permanently. Not sure about LG or the new NEC drives. As far as best it’s not clear cut with variation between drives and alot of it depends on the media and firmware you use.

Sony, LG or Pioneer are some to concider!

Of the new IDE drives currently available. The Optiarc AD-7200A or AD-7203A is very good. (really only available in Europe and Asia at the moment. Should be in north America very soon).

Easy to get full bitsetting firmware and burns even crappy media very well.

liteon 20a4p burns taiyo yuden 8x great every time. don’t even have to bother scanning. it’s a lock every time.

If you could find a plextor 760A/755A you’d be a happier man :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess any new LiteOn will do the work :smiley: