Best IDE Burner For Duplicator Replacing 1 - 3 NEC ND 3550A



I have a duplicator that i use to burn dvds and cds. Not really data dvds but straight movie DVDs or music CDS. I have Two NEC ND 3550A that have been working great for me since 2006 and have burned 1000s and 1000s of discs. but now they are not writing very well at all and i dont want to waste money on good TY blanks just to be coasters. My duplicator can fit up to 3 burners but problem is that it is IDE and not SATA. i dont really want to spend extra money and get a new Duplicator so i just want to know what is the best IDE Burner i can get to burn quality dvds and can handle a lot of burner for some years?? Should i get the same drive or something else?

please let me know



IDE to SATA adapter?


thanks but what about the burners?


Personally, I think I’d avoid the adapters and just get one of the available IDE drives. Looking at, there are some from LG, Lite-On and Samsung. None of them would be on my list of very best burners, but since you are using Taiyo Yuden blanks, they should work just fine. At $17 with free shipping, thisSamsung is close to the price of that adapter. If you get that Samsung, make sure you have the latest firmware installed, as the 22x drives improved a lot as the firmware matured.

If you go with a SATA drive, look at the Optiarcs or the 24x Samsung available through

I doubt you’ll get the same kind of usage out of a newer drive as those old NEC’s. Many of those old drives were tanks in comparison. My old 1300a still runs as well as it ever did.


thanks i dont mine going onto ebay and paying more if there is better ones.

the only thing is its on a duplicator machine. how do i update firmware on that thing? i know how to when its used in a computer with some sort of operating system but no clue on a burning machine


Never owned a duplicator, so not something I can advise you about. Perhaps you could hook them up temporarily to a computer and do the update that way? A bit clumsy, but should work.

One of the best IDE interface drives from the last few years was the Optiarc 7200a. Long since out of production, and I doubt you can find it for sale in new condition at any retailer. But it was a good drive.


o that works? dang this whole time i jsut thought it was something that was on the hard drive. if thats the case ill def do that.

thanks for the info


Yes, the firmware is contained on a ROM chip in the drive.

Good luck on your search.


i just bought me the one you suggested off ebay the 7200a. thanks again ill check that one out. maybe i might also need to update my firmware on my NEC. where do they have firmware updated for those?


Firmware updates usually stop after a year or two, so a firmware update for your 3550a’s might not help anything. The last one is the FW 1.07, which dates from Oct. 2006 I believe.

Two of our moderators, Liggy and Dee, modify firmware and their versions plus the official versions can be found here: