Im finally getting my first DVD player and Im looking for one that will play all formats. That is one that will play DVD-R/+R, CD-R, and VCD/SVCD. Does anyone know of one that can play these formats? Plz let me know thanx.

Are you talking about a stand-alone DVD player?

For some recent information, take a dive in this thread… I guess that helps a little…?

yes just a plain DVD player but that supports those formats i listed above.

Can someone plz give me their opinons on the DVD player that has the best quality and plays DVD-R/+R, CD-R, and VCD/SVCD media.

I advise you to not go for an expensive one. Most “Made in China” DVD players will work just fine with DVD+R/-R media and VCD/SVCD. My DMTech DVD player plays everythig so far.

Lvsitano how good is the video and sound quality though? Also ive never heard of that brand is it any good and where can i get one? So what you are saying is that eventho it doesnt say on the box that the DVD player supports DVD+R it can still read it? Correct me if Im wrong. But is there any dvd player u know of from bestbuy or circut city that can definitley play DVD+R and VCD’s?

I just purchased a very inexpensive DVD player for a friend for Christmas from Circuit City.

I purchased this player because of all the great reviews and the posts from users that were able to play both DVD-R and DVD+R. I can verify that DVD-R does work but I do not have any +R media to test. For the price, video and audio quality were pretty good and it is progressive scan in case you have a HDTV or get one in the future. I also like the fact that it is a name brand. I bought my same friend an Apex DVD player a year ago and it was great because it played everything we put in it, but it now it has become tempormental and does not always detect the disc. I believe this model also comes in black if you do not like the silver finish.

Good luck!

P.S. - Did you know Pivo means “Beer” in Czech?

thanx for the post nofxd. Im planning on going to buy both a DVD player and new wide screen tv on tues or wed of this week. Could you try out a DVD+R for me b4 tom or wed? Bc I just bought a big pack of DVD+R that Ive been using so I want to make sure this DVD player can read them. Lol yea im croatian and people sometimes call me pivo for some reason i dunno why i think it means beer in croatian as well but im not too sure, but thanx again for the post and try to test the DVD+r for me.

Sorry. I dont have any +R’s. The customer reviews indicate that +R’s do work on this player. Review on Amazon does also. They should allow you to test the player in the store with a +R. Good Luck.