Best high capacity color printer for small office

We have a dedicated Xerox Phaser 6125N. (a Laser Printer) We only use it for color documents, and have several HP 4100s around the office for b/w printing. We get our Phaser cartridges from for $10-15 each. I’m not sure of exactly how many pages we average each month on the Phaser. Maybe around 3,000 for the last few months, maybe much more. I don’t think we would get a new one until our current Phaser breaks down, unless we find a significantly cheaper alternative.

The Phaser is out for repair (was squeaking pretty badly) and the repair guy is suggesting we buy a solid ink printer to replace it. Does anyone know about those? I’m concerned that 1.) the ink can be scratched off with your fingernail (according to wiki), and 2.) the heat in Texas would melt the ink during delivery, especially during the summer when the docs are being driven around in the back of a truck. The ink sticks are also significantly more expensive; I haven’t found a 3rd party provider. I’m not sure if the higher output pages per block would be worth it.

Thanks for your insight!

Laser are better for color and monochrome printing but if your looking to print 35mm quality picture you will have to spend good money on a inkjet or thermal inkjet to photo quality prints. If you don’t need to do color get a good quality laser monochrome printer as backup. If your looking for comparison you should check consumer reports and see what they have for comparison and well as Cnet and check their reports and test to see whether a laser or inkjet will fit your budget printing.

We definitely do not want an inkjet printer - we would spend a fortune on ink refills. I am looking between a Solid Ink Printer, like Xerox ColorQube, and a color laser printer, like Xerox Phaser 6125. I don’t know of anyone who actually has a solid ink printer, and am looking for a user’s opinion, especially to my questions 1 & 2 above.

You won’t get many answers here on this question…just not enough office manager/executives in these forums. I’d suggest posing this question in the Other Hardware subforum at Ars Technica: You’ll need to join the forum to ask a question, but basic membership is free.


[QUOTE=makovichez;2578925]The ink sticks are also significantly more expensive[/QUOTE]

From what i know the ink sticks have a superb superior color quality (because they use wax), comparing this to all other printing processes. The drawback is indeed that they are much more expensive.

If you want normal quality stick to color laserjet. It’s fast. Xerox tend to have better supporting contracts than HP, but it all depends on the region.

If you want crap, stick to color inkjet.