Best hdmi cables: Xbox 360 hdmi cable?

I’m looking for the best hdmi cable for my Xbox 360. I saw a few cheap hdmi cables, but also expensive ones. Do you know any reviewed hdmi cables for Xbox 360? Or is quality all and the same and can I go out and get a cheap one? I’m now using one of a friend of mine but it’s busted so I need a new one soon! Thanks for your help! :bigsmile:

Let me answer that with a comic:

^^ Yeah, that. Look at

… or ebay. I got mine their for a whopping $2.50 each with free shipping.

You don’t really need an super expensive one but getting a 3 buck cable usually gives you issues after a year or straight away. I got a great deal on eBay for Tara Labs cables (25$ for 1m and 2m cables) downside is that they’re quite stiff but the connector (which usually brakes on cheap cables) is very solid. :slight_smile:

If you need a short to medium length cable, they will all work pretty much the same (though some may break easier than others).

If you need 10 meters or longer, the good cables may work while the cheap cables may not - depending on your setup, how much electromagnetic noise there is near the cable, and also on what bandwidth you’re using in the HDMI cable. I have seen several reports of 1080p not working properly over cheap 10 meter HDMI cables.

Thanks for all your replies! Since I don’t need that much meters, I guess I’ll go for a HDMI cable that looks a bit solid but isn’t too pricy! You guys really helped me out here :bigsmile:

I have purchased 20+ of these for both myself and friends over the past year.

Have had Zero issues…

I have a bunch of cheap HDMI cables and basically they either work or they don’t. I have a few of the cables without the RF chokes, and a few with, most of them look and sound exactly the same, though I preefer the ones with the chokes becuase I figure enough analog RF interference could mess with the digital bits enough to cause issues.
I finally had to break out some cheap RCA ones I got in a goodie grab bag and it wouldn’t work with my new WDTV live, but works fine with my Toshiba A2 HD DVD player. HDMI has so many issues with certian devices not wanting to handshake properly for whatever reason you could have the best cables made and still not work properly.
I’d get the ones MegaDETH mentioned whether you find them at Mono Price or elsewhere. It has all the goodies to make everything work right.

cheap hdmi cable work fine. there’s no need to shell out big bucks for things like the monster cable, the truth is, all hdmi’s operate at nearly the same level, and it will stay that way until higher resolutions and speeds are able to be sent and recieved.

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2491478]I have purchased 20+ of these for both myself and friends over the past year.

Have had Zero issues…[/QUOTE]

Wow those are some low prices! I usually get my cables from
They have decent prices, a good selection and fair shipping prices.
They also do not try to sell you the moon. See their HDMI FAQ