Best Hard Drive

I need to buy 2 500gig sata II hard drives. The Segate seems to be quiet a bit more expensive than the Maxtor, Hatchi and WD. I will not be running a raid. Please give me suggestions as to which is the best drive.

Well I’d go for Seagate because in general they tend to have more memory buffer. Maxtor is also a seagate product now . I am a fan of WD but I found out in tests that reagular hdd’s from seagate outclass regular wd (regular=not raptors :slight_smile:

Because hard drive models keep changing, I don’t think anyone knows which is best.

Maxtor used to have more than their share of quality control problems. If you bought two, one would last forever and the other would die in 6 months (if it wasn’t DOA).

I have been buying Western Digital SATA II. I think they run cooler and quieter than Seagate. They are virtually silent if the seek is adjusted for quiet rather than speed. I’ve heard Seagates have a 5 year warranty. WDs come with 5 year (enterprise), 3 year (OEM) or 1 year (retail).

I haven’t bought a Hitachi in a while but the one I put in my sister’s computer 3 years ago is doing fine.

I have a couple of 160 GB Samsungs that have been working perfectly (cool and quiet) for a few years but I don’t know about their bigger ones.


Yes Seagates come with a 5 year warranty - and as you can see below - I use them exclusively for my computers-eh!

Yep, I’d go Seagate as well, have two myself. Love that warranty, though I never had to use it so far!


I have lots of Seagates. They’re good drives, but a few of their SATAII offerings have been pretty quirky. I like WD’s 16MB cache drives… the Caviar RE 500GB drive is a great all-around performer, widely compatible with SATA controllers, and comes with a 5-year warranty. If you don’t like TLER, disable it.

Another vote for Seagate 7200.10 - Fast and reliable!

Reviews says that Hitachi T7K500 series are faster than Seagate (access time) 7200.10 and I agree.
Still, all drives do eventually crash… Just because you have a pair of drives from maker X doesnt say that they’re more reliable than brand Y.

I just had one replaced under the 5 year warranty within a month of purchase. It mighta been one made on a Friday or Monday (I prefer those made midweek :)) or it mighta got bounced around pretty bad in the mail. A hassle free replacement and I sent them a 400GB SATA II and they sent me back a new retail shrink wrapped box with a 500GB SATA II. I guess an extra 100GB for my inconvenience :clap: :bigsmile:

I have no opinion personelly on review but I like to see more reviews before just baising one drive is faster then another.

As the second part drive will fail no matter how good it is made cause people will maybe drop the drive when they buy it or it just fails that is part of the expected process of using the drive. And also depending on how often you defrag makes a difference in the life of the drive in the long term use.

T7K250 is the previous series of T7K500
This thread is quite interesting btw…


Hahahaha, sweet deal :clap: :bigsmile: