BEST hacked firmware for prodiscs -03?

Hi guys firstly i did hav all the firmwares on my pc but had a prob and had to format hardrive , i bought another 2500 and want to flash it with the best firmware to use with prodiscs -03 ive used the search but all i can see and read is
HV24b is supposed to be the best but i cant find it ? and ive read about a tweaked firmware done by herrie but only given out to a few ?


Prodiscs-03 are distributed as Fuji Twain in USA Bestbuy 79.99/100.

I found the best firmware was stock 2.15 from the 2510A available @ dangerous brothers. Problem is quality between disks. Using neroCD/DVDspeed ver3 and testing transfer rate I receive a nice graph one out of 3. I would be very suspicious of these disks. They should have been grade A since they were labled as Fuji.

Hope this is helpfull


Hi yes have to agree i get best results with the 2.15 firmware but was looking to beable to burn them at 6x .


You can get ProdiscS03 for $36/100 at Supermediastore.
Some members already reported good burns with those.

For fair price on ProdiscS03, if you live in States, look here:

For HV2b4, Look here:
1st post is actually “HV2b4” A liittle confusing because screen shot shows different firmware extra info identification. But this is it.
Works great on my ProdiscS03’s. I burn them at 8X with great results.

If by chance, Herrie or someone who has this specialized firmware, reads this post, I also would be interested in your customized ProdiscS03 firmware. I like how these Prodisc’s burn on my NEC 2500A.

thanks for that

Herrie’s 1.07v2b5 works for me. Prodiscs03 at 8x…with good results.

Is the Dual Layer Herrie FW soon to be replaced by a nice new version?
(says something about NEC development on website).

If I wanna burn Prodisc DVD-Rs at a mere 4x speed, is the 1.6 stock FW good enough for that (ie do I need Herrie’s FW)?

Herrie had posted that a new version is in beta testing now and would be released in a week or two.

If you want to burn the Prodisc DVD-Rs at 4x, the stock firmware will do that fine. I don’t remember Herrie changing anything with burning the Prodisc media at 4x.