Best guides and programs to use for CD backups?

Hi, I stumbled upon this great site whilst doing a google search. I’ve lurked a bit and read lots of useful stuff already. I have a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to answer some or all of them.

I would like to know…

[li]Which program/s is/are best for all round backing up of copy protected game CDs?
[li]Links to the best “How to copy…” guides for the program/s you suggest
[li]Where I might find a list of which game has which type of copy protection (eg. Game X uses SecuROM, Game Y uses SafeDisc etc etc) to save me the effort of finding out the hard way OR is there a program that will tell me what protection a disc has?
[li]Where I can get good BWA files from or whether I should create them myself?
[li]Whether the programs I already have will be of any use?

I currently have CloneCD (trial), Nero (bundled with my Liteon CDRW) and have just acquired Alcohol 52% 1.4.6 build 711 (a magazine covermount freebie)

Thanks in advance for all those that take the time to answer :slight_smile:

Hello there! You will find EVERYTHING you’ll ever need and MORE on this GREAT site:

I suggest you tell your friends. also do a search for Clony XXL protection scanner still a good tool although it is discontinued:bigsmile: here are some BWA files posts:bigsmile:

well hello …here is a site that has tons of info on it to help ya out

I use blindwrite for all my burner needs but some other people like other programs …

as far as bwa files I usually get them off web now a days … he has alot of stuff in download sections and some manuals for ya …and some bwa’s …it is very good site … rock on portmac

also here is more places to get bwa

blindwrite is located at

but if you go to portmac’s site and download section u will find all the copy scanners and utilities you need and just browse around you will fine more …newbie paradise


Thanks for the links. Now I can keep my original GTA Vice City safe, the play disc is in and out of my CD drive on a daily basis and starting to show signs of wear.