Best graphic card for 200 USD or lower in USA?



Hello. I know nothing ( :frowning: ) at all about graphic cards and am looking to buy one in a month, primarily for emulating PlayStation 1 games on my AMD Sempron ( :frowning: ) 2300+ (1267 MHz). How high-end is required to do this properly (assumeing I have the right plug-ins for ePSXe)? Plus, I heard that you can even do a kind of upsampling whn you play PS1 games on modern hardware. How does this work and what would I need for this? I was advised as a start to go for something based off Nvidia. My maximum is 200 USD for the card.

Thanks very much for any info…


I highly, highly doubt you will ever need to spend anywhere near that amount to emulate PS1 games on a PC. If you’re positive that’s all you’re going to need it for (and not for playing current generation games), then you’re probably wanting to spend max $50-$75. Check out eBay for used cards maybe. I’m sure the older nVidia gForce MX 400 cards would do. Or, anything ATI Radeon 7500/8500 on down.

Heck … since you’re surfing the net … I’m assuming it’s on either a pc or laptop. If a pc and you’re looking at buying a graphics card, then you’ve got integrated graphics chip … which may infact do the trick.

I’m not the expert on the subject of graphics cards, but that’s just my take on it. Good luck. I just really think $200 is overkill for playing only PS1 games.


Well, GF2MX wont cut it (unless you like slowdowns) that’s for sure.
I’d say x700Pro for PCI-E and 9800Pro for AGP (ATi cards work very well with Pete’s GPU plugins).



Are you looking for an AGP or PCI-e card?

I have an older GF card (see sig) and absolutely no probs running games, they run smooth and my settings were not lowered.


If you want to spent $200 for a card it I would go with a nvidia6200 for around $100. The thing is your CPU won’t be able to push a high end card that good. ATI makes good cards too. If you can find a 9800pro in your price range then grab it and be happy for years.


I just got a MSI Nvidia 6600GT-SP 128MB AGP w/ VIVO (s-video, component, HD) for $168. The SP stands for “supreme edition,” meaning it has higher clock rates than the standard version. It’s at for $198 -$30 mail-in rebate (through August.) My friend has had it for a couple months and loves it. The model number is NX6600GT-VTD128SP. If you look on Tom’s Hardware, they gave it a great review.


If you want to spend $200 on a GFX card, spend the lot on it, and more if possible (you’ll start playing the latest PC games) . Because in a short while you’ll be back saying the card is not up to playing these games.


^6600GT or the refurbed X800XT for 206$ from


Most of the reviews and rankongs I read in mags suchas Maximum PC and their gaming counterparts agree that the Nvidia 6600GT is the best bang for the $200 buck. I have a 6800 (I paid near $300) and the 6600 GT is a better card.


I’ve tried ePSXe with a GF MX 440 that didn’t play smoothly. It was playable but would slow down a lot in some cases. I switched it with a gf 6800LE and everything is now running fine with pretty high res in ePSXe. But I agree with the crowd, go gf 6600. It will definately be enough for the job.


I believe AGP. I don’t believe my motherboard supports PCI-e (maybe it does, though. How can I find out?).


If the card you have in your computer now is agp (unless your using onboard graphics from the motherboard), then that’s what you have. I haven’t seen any motherboard which has both, you either have an agp slot or a pci-e slot I think, but not both.


OK. I guess I’ll get the 6600, then. It’s true that it’s always good to buy more than you really need right now, as your requirements will rise later on (like Bjproc said).

BTW, my system currently has integrated graphics, but I don’t believe that it does 3D or whatnot (whenever I try to even load up any 3D game stuffs like PS1, it actually automatically exits out, when my old system that I once had with integrated graphics loaded it up fine and even ran PS1 games nciely via Virtual Game Station on WinME (this was back in 2001 :-\ )).

Thanks for the help. I’ll check out some reviews on the '6600 on Tom’s Hardware & elsewhere & be ready to buy soon…


OK. So AGP it is, then.


if you buy the nvidia 6600 make sure you get the GT version


OK. Noted. So what’s the correct full product name?


NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT

if you can afford a better card, get one (6800GT), but not one with LE/SE as these are lower quality cards.
If you choose another card, come back here and ask if it’s better or not. :bigsmile:


This is an example, most will not say Nvidia but will say Geforce. The Evga brand is said to be as close to pure Nvidia as you can get but others will do the job as well.


for better end customer support, and a better name, get ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI

for example


Actually 6600GT is a mixed bag compared to x700PRO.