Best FW for NEC 3500 to burn TYG02 at 12x?

Hi all,
Been a long time lurker of this site, but this is my first post. Thanks to all the CDFreaks that make this hobby so much more interesting!
To my problem. I’m running LG 2TD firmware on my NEC 3500 and am trying to burn TYG02 at 12x but the scan gets really bad around the 2.25 Gb. PIEs and PIFs up like crazy. At 8x, NEC burns fine. I don’t think the media (TDK branded Taiyo Yuden) is the problem as it seems to burn fine at 16x by my BenQ 1620. I’ve attached three scans: NEC at 12x, NEC at 8x, and BenQ at 16x.
Has anyone had success burning TYG02 at 12x using 3500? If so, which FW did you use?

Thanks in advance.