Best fw for nec 3500 e verbatim MCC002/MCC003

Hello, I’m new in this forum; I have nec 3500 (fw 2.18 Liggy ritek SE). This is the question: what is the best firmware burning verbatim MCC002 (4x) e verbatim MCC003 (8X)?

thats the discs I use too, try 2.17_ritek 4xDL firmware find it on scorpiosofts FW page.

Why go back to older firmware? 2.18 burns MCC just fine. I would recommend using 2.18 btrpc1 in stead of 2.18 Liggy SE if you ever need bitsetting, as it works in btrpc1 but not in 2.18 Liggy SE.

Yup…booksetting with DVD+RWs, too…as long as you ONLY use DVDinfoPRO to erase the DVD. Wiping with Nero will kill DVD-ROM mode for DVD+RW discs.

2.18 btrpc1 is a safe and powerful FW for most 3500s.