Best FW for Fuji TY02 8x vs quality?

Just wanted to see your thoughts on the best FW to use for Fuji film 8x DVD TY02’s? I am getting ready to head out of town and don’t have time to search and read all the posts trying to find TY02 info.

I need to run some errands for the trip and wife. I wanted to snag a 100 spindle from Best Buy ($39.99) since the sale will be over by the time I get home.

Are these TY media better for long term storage than other brands?

Are you getting better results for +R or -R at 8x or 16x?


I use Fuij TY02 and never got better results as with these disks.
I think this media is good for long term storage, but time will tell.
Fuji TY02 burn great at 12x speed, 16x can give coasters or bad disks which will pauze during playback in stand alone dvd player.
If you want quality, buy these disks and burn them at 12 or 8x speed.
BenQ will produce better + disks then - disks, although the BenQ will produce very good - disks of Fuij TY02. I prefere +R disks.

Now run to the store and buy some 100 spindles. With all the money you save with this bargain, you can make your wife happy with beautifull red roses. :smiley:

Here’s a scan of a just burned Fuij TY02 at 8x speed :bow:

cor808…awesome scan Spidey would be very happy with it. Are you getting the best results with B7T9 FW?

Gotta run…be back soon!

P.S. I see you are from the Netherlands…I good friend of mind is leaving Sunday for a week there doing computer work for Shell Oil.

I couldn’t agree more. Limit the burn speed to 12x with the TYG02 discs and you’ll like the results very much. I just burned another one at 12x speed using firmware version B7P9. This seems like a good combination for me. You can see the burn I’m referring to over here:

I hope this helps you out. Go buy some of those TYG02 discs and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Yep, see the top of the picture, B7T9 is the running firmware.
I’m curious how your scans will look like.
I’ll wait and see.
Happy burning to you :bigsmile:

Here’s a 12x speed burn to prove it.

Wow! Very nice scan. I see that you’re using the DVD+R media from Tayo Yuden (Yuden000 T02). I haven’t tried these out yet. I’ve just been using the Fujifilm (made in Japan) 8x rated TYG02 DVD-R discs. What does the packaging say or look like to make sure I buy the correct Yuden000 T02 discs? What brand, etc? Thanks for any help you can give and you’re getting wonderful scans with that media. :smiley:

Next time, burn a “create data disc” in Nero CD/DVD Speed if you like to “prove” something at all. :cool:

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BTW, the scan you posted above could be burned any time between 2-11 januari.

Here's a scan of a just burned Fuij TY02 at 8x speed

It’s Fujifilm media. The label says made in Japan, but I also see Fuji Magnetics GmBH Germany. I think it’s made in Japan, cause that’s what the label says. :confused:

Pinto, sorry…it’s not Prove because I could have wrritten the disk at 8x speed and say I burned it at 12… I know. I burned those disks in this post today just before posting the scans. The smoke was still getting from the disks :slight_smile: I’m not lying…about the burning speed.

Anyone using Fujifilm media and with a good pc configuration can get those scans. In the media topic here, everyone can see many results, also of the Fujifilm media.

Yes I could create a data disk to realy prove the quality of a 12x speed burned Fujifilm TY02. But I’ve spent more than enough money on dvd media that was crap. I’ve just bought Ritek A grade R03 media that was realy crap.
I can only create coasters with this media.
I have used Arita R03 (also mediacode Ritek R03) which should be B grade media that burned better than the Ritek A grade.
I had great results with Ridata, mediacode Ritek R03. I’ve learned that not all media is the same quality although the mediacode is the same.

If I can advise/help someone with saving money by advising him to buy good media, I will do that. Of course there is other media that will give near perfect results with the BenQ1620 , but not with really cheap media I believe.
English is not my motherhood language, maybe I used the wrong words when I tried to explain things…don’t shoot me :bow:

I tried burning a Fujifilm TY02 at 16x speed last week, I think it was a brigde to far.
Here’s a scan I just made.

I do not mean to cause any misunderstanding here, but could it be that this disk was burned on the 22nd of March 2004 ?

I always thought that (on CD/DVD speed scans) the date just below the Media ID code is the date the Disk Compilation was completed.

Did I get it all wrong ? Ladies & Gents shine some light on this please…

(@Cor808: No offense is meant towards you m8, It is just my need for learning…)

Hp. _

Here are 2 Nero Create Data Disk16X scans. First is burned using B7P9 FW, Second using B7T9 FW. You decide…

I have decided to stay with B7P9, as it gives me (or at least I think it does) slightly better results for this media (YUDEN_T02 burned @12X)

I think I will wait for the next FWare update (B7V9, come on, where are you…?)

Hp. _

I have been having ‘mediocre’ results (around 95%) with TY T02 media @ 12x, first using B7T9 and later B7P9 (which I prefer). Now I have crossflashed to Philips 3.0 fw and burned a Fuji TY T02 @ 12x. This result is the best I have had so far with this mediacode.
(Notice the minor spike in PIE at the very start… I see that a lot.)

Just got back from a whirlwind tour…first BB said they had 23 spindles in stock, they were either in the back or on the floor. Well after 10 minutes of looking all 23 could not be found. So I insisted on a rain check which would only allow me to buy ONE spindle…that is a rip off rain check. So I settled on that.

I took back the +R CMC MAG F01 discs back to office max since I could not get consistant burns…I returned the spindle for a full refund. I had some very excellent burns at 8x and 4x but man is this stuff all over the place. Several would start to get nasty PIF spikes at 3.5GB to 4.2GB then the PO’s would go through the ceiling!!! 5 disks in a row from different locations on the spindle were hosed. I had check media errors after 50 to 75% of the burns and had to start all over again. What a pain…now I am not sure if I want to spend all the time converting these burns over to TY02’s or not??

Interestingly -R CMC MAG AF1 4x media on my Toshiba laptop burner and my dads Pio burner never produced a coaster so far!

Now onto a different location of Best Buy there I found only a few 100 spindles remaining and bought ONE for now. They have a great coaster return policy which they will swipe out or refund your money in 30days for crappy media.

On to address you guys:

socarates007…look for Fuji 8x (made in Japan) +R, that is TY02 the TYG02 is the -R version. Awesome scan now I wonder if I should have gotten the -R’s instead???

cor808…I will try to post a scan b/4 I leave. I have to back for me and the wife…we are leaving for FL in the AM. I am anxious to see these awesome burns. Right now I have B7T9 but not sure if I have time to back flash to B7P9 for this TY02 media. Thanks for the advice!! Your english is fine…spoken or typed very well.

pinto2…I am not into wasting a few dollars to make sure this is working. I have had many excellent scans already and don’t need to prove anything.

hp1530…you are correct on the date. Where is that other BENQ FW version??? Here firmware, firmware, firmware…where are you???

Xterminator…that Philips FW is pretty awesome I wonder if BENQ will ever match that. Of course it could just be a flawless disc as well. There are many factors that could cause a scan to look like that. The PIE spike I believe is a speed adjustment for the burner and is normal for this burner. Everyone scan I have ever seen had that.

Yikes it is already past 7PM here and have not started packing a thing…my wife will shoot me she gets home. I will check back in a little while. I have to go and dump out some dressor drawers into our luggage…just kidding!

Why? To prove that we want to waste our hard earned money? Creating a data disc in Nero CD-DVD Speed wastes a good disc that could have been used to test out a real movie or other real data; not crap data. We don’t have to “prove” anything to you.

I already showed a 12x burn on a TGY02 disc with an error scan, transfer rate test, and surface scan of that TYG02 disc which was a very good burn on a BenQ DW1620 with that media. I also copied it back to my hard drive without a single problem. Maybe you can’t get TYG02 media to burn at 12x speed without problems on your particular drive or your particular system. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t do so or that other DW1620 owners can’t do so either. See that 12x TYG02 burn here:

I don’t know what your problem is pinto2? You have a really bad attitude around here. Just because your drive doesn’t do X (or whatever), it doesn’t follow that others on this forum haven’t had contrary experiences with our BenQ DW1620 drives. Many of us can burn TYG02 media at 12x speed with very good reliable results on our DW1620s. What’s your problem with that? Your drive doesn’t do so and that makes you angry because our drives perform better?

Did you miss the smiley at the end of the sentence?

No problem with TYG02 media anymore.
I’m a happy camper again… but then on Philips 3.0 firmware. :bigsmile:

And I hope I still can post in this forum section. lol :smiley:

BTW, it’s up to moderators to decide about my “attitude”. :cool:

For weeks he’s been bashing people and adding a smilee to his post, like it’s a permission badge to call people liars, imply they are stupid or ignorant, and suggest that he’s some kind of DVD God dropped down from the heavens to save us all.

You all can buy his BS if you like, if I want something from him I’ll ask directly (and that will cold day in hell), otherwise Pinto park your a$$ somewhere outside of my post!

Oh, let us not forget… :wink: :wink: :wink: are three enough?

Our packing is almost done!

Question…How accurate is this Qscan 1.0? I just scanned these DVD+R 8x TY02 with the smart scan and they are not recommended for 16x 12x 8x and only work with 4x and 2.4x?? This does not sound right!

Trying to get a scan done to post b/4 we leave and head South.

I am using the B7T9 FW…I have not burnt any of these yet b/c this concerned me?

I went through a 10 pack of the Fuji TY02’s. So far my best results have been with the verbatim.