Best Freeware DVD burning software?


What is the best free DVD burning software?
I am interested in burning DATA CD’s to back up misc data.


3 free programs, google search them. DVD Shrink usually the only program you need, DVD Decrypter to deal with ISO images, and DVD43, a free decrypting program so you can use copyright sensitive software to record like Nero, Pinacle etc.

Those are all for DVD-Video or .ISO images… Not exactly what he asked for.

As for free programs, I believe burnatonce and CDBurnerXP top the free burning software recommendations.

I don’t know about “the best” but I have found DeepBurner Free to be handy for the creation of data CDs and DVDs.

CDBurnerXP is another good free one.

Small CD-Writer no instal needed !!!
Fast and Small

And in Russian…

Hah, I just tried opening that Russian program, all the menus and text show up as various amounts of ???.

Looks like some useful software though, they should provide a nice variety of language files for everyone else to enjoy it.

Ups Sorry :slight_smile:
Than yuo can use CDBurnerXP Pro
This will help 2

Really worth looking at. Quite complete freeware burning utils, especially CD DVD Burning 2.4.5. Audio/Data cd/dvd’s, joliet, bootable, multisession, all in 1 exe.

Furthermore, if you have Total Commander, try TCBurner, a TC plugin (using the foxburner sdk).

Easy Media Creator 8 is a good burning program.

Topic title: Best Freeware DVD burning software ???

Sorry, but its still a good program.

Folks- few things are free in this world. I downloaded DVDburnerXP last week & now have to wipe my C drive. It had more bugs than the Orkin man sees in a week. I’m pissed & know I’ll never never dl free stuff again. My local Windows guru asked the obvious: “Why do you think it’s free?” Nuff said.

i really would like to see a free program with full support for DL dvds, unicode and udf up to 2.6, but i guess we’ll all be dead before we see that =(

dvd shrink is NOT a burning program.

I just downloaded CD DVD Burning 2.4.5 and used it for burning my data. It works okay with my Pioneer DVR 110D, only the DVD burning speed is 4x maximum and for CD is 32x. Not too bad though, because it is free of charge and I use it for backing up my research project only anyway, not for video/movies.

only free apps i use are dvd shrink, dvddecrypter (discontinued but you can still find it) and IMGBURN ( the crippled ((legal)) version of DVD DECRYPTER