Best Freeview Box? - Connected to VHS (No Scart on TV)


I have an older Hitachi C14-P216 TV that does not have a scart connection. This is connected to a Panasonic NV-HD630B VHS, which supports two scart connections at the back.

If I buy a scart Freeview box, can this be connected directly to the video (as it won’t connect to the TV)? Will this work okay?

Also, which would be the best Freeview box to buy for this purpose? Not looking for anything fancy, just an inexpensive one that will allow me to easily and clearly access the Freeview channels on my current equipment.



Hi :slight_smile:
Yes it will work.
Though you don’t get the improved quality.
You do get access to all freeview channels.
As to which one.
I’d go for the cheapest, as you’re not going to get any advantages from picture/sound quality anyway.


N.B. You could go through the RF LOOP.
You need to tune TV into that.
But it would mean not having to have the vcr on @ same time.

Many thanks for your reply.

I purchased a Philips DTR220 set top box. I am getting great reception and can get most of the Freeview channels.