Best free WMA file converter?

What’s the best free WMA file converter that converts WMA files to CDA or other file type that can be burned to CD and play on all players? I tried 1 called Switch that works but decoding is very slow. Are all such file converters slow while decoding?

Easiest thing to do is use a trial version of a good converter. I use Gold Wave and I’mToo. They are both fast.

This person wants a free software solution.

try DB Poweramp its free

The speed of the transcoding is dependent on the speed of the processor in your computer. A slow computer will transcode very slowly.

If you are using Nero to burn, there are free plug-ins that will allow you to burn almost any file format, including WMA, to an audio CD.

If you are using any other burning solution, MediaCoder will transcode any file format to MP3 or any desired file format.

These are both free solutions.

Processing time will vary depending on the speed of your CPU.
My system will process 12 tracks (any format) to VBR MP3 in about 81 seconds.

The Switch program tried uses ActiveX to decode and appears to decode at about same rate as actually playing the audio. GXTranscoder found at converts much faster and converts to 20 different file types. Problem I now have is finding a format that all CD players will play. I’ve tried MP3, WMA and AAC, and MP3 played on a DVD player but not on portable or car CD players. Does anybody know a file type compatible with all players?

Nero do this job.
And look at this free software.

The original link you posted, was broken (quote fixed that anyway) :wink: You meant links to Super that appears to be for video. I seek audio conversion to file type that will play on all CD players.