Best "Free" Webhost for Dealer websites?



Hi, im in need of a free webhost to put on my warez dealer site. But I heard some free hosts kicks dealersites of their servers very fast.

Who nows a good free host that won't kick off my site after 3 days? Any experiences by other Dealersite webmasters?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Try, 20 Mb of free webspace and cgi-bin access. The only thing is that you have a pop-up banner on your site, but that’s all.

I have a account for several months over there and it’s going very well. My experiences are very possitive with this ISP. The connection is fast and reliable till now.

There’s a other possibility to. If you want to pay Fl. 10,00 a month you can get a real provider which won’t kick you off with warez or porn. This site give you 10Mb of webspace and many features like PHP, CGI-BIN, Frontpage extensions, etc. If you want more info on this subject mail me (Dutch of English)


Thanks, guys. There were a lot of reactions in my mail box for this cheap and reliable solution for all your (warez) needs.

You’ll find my answers in your own mailbox.


Many people asked for it, so here it is. The site where you all can find it in many languages.

Go there and see it yourself. The -cheap- solution for your warez site space.


To make a end to all discusion let make two things clear. I run a webhosting company and it is never 100 % sure to run a warez site… If the BSA comes and tell’s a webmaster to shut down… well you can better do it. They have the fucking power to do so… It is all in the game. Secondly I am running two main servers one in the states… Notting is posible there… You will be bumpd off by instand… Ask the cd-freaks about it, i hosted them there… But the good news is that I have one almost running here in A’dam to… And there is no one making trouble about the contend… So the 10/25/50/100/300/1000 accounds are quit save… Thats the account that is running on that server namely

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