Best free space wiping utility?

Im in the market for a good free space wiping utility. Does anyone know of a good one, or one theyve used and had some good results. Ive downloaded some trials of some programs, and none were all too great. Some of their wipe processes didnt even work. Any recommendations?

Hi halparth, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I suggest you take a look at SysInternals SDelete which is a free command-line utility for securely deleting files and/or free space.

From the linked page:

SDelete Usage

SDelete is a command line utility that takes a number of options. In any given use, it allows you to delete one or more files and/or directories, or to cleanse the free space on a logical disk. SDelete accepts wild card characters as part of the directory or file specifier.

Usage: sdelete [-p passes] [-s] [-q] <file or directory>
sdelete [-p passes] -z [drive letter]

-p passes

Specifies number of overwrite passes


Recurse subdirectories


Don’t print errors (quiet)


Cleanse free space

Eraser will do what you want.

If you’re looking for something to wipe entire hard disks, look no further than DBAN (Darik’s Boot & Nuke)

Check out this tool also: