Best Free prog to burn to CDRW?

Hi. I have not been able to burn to CDRW with my IBM Thinkpad, Windws XP SP2. Neither WMP, nor dragging and dropping, work. I called the customer support for the CDRW’s (Memorex) and they said that I need to download a software programme from, that will allow me to burn to CDRW’s. I’ve taken a gander at what a search on comes up with, and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of whether or not it will allow me to burn to CDRW’s. Perhaps this is considered so basic as to be foolish to mention, but I really don’t have a clue as to how this all works. I have Windows Media Player, and that works fine for regular CD’s. But I want to burn data onto the RW’s.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be a good, free programme so that I can do this?


Examples of free burning programs that might meet your needs are ImgBurn, Burrrn (audio only) and Deep Burner.

Hi. Thanks for helping. Are these programmes that you mentioned (with the exception of the audio only, of course) good for burning data to CDRW?

All can burn just as easily to a cdrw as to cdr. If they fail to do so then there is something wrong with your burner, media or system.

I was unable to copy files to the CDRW by dragging and dropping, or using windows media programmes. I either got a message saying that the media was no good, or that the disc needed to be formatted, then a message saying that the media couldn’t be formatted. Does this mean that there is something wrong with my computer, or is this simply the reason why I must download a CD burning programme?
Sorry if I seem silly, but I really am a newbie.:eek:


Are you trying to use your cdrw as a giant floppy drive (i.e. periodically add to and delete files as you would to a fixed drive)?

If so, then you’ll need packet writing software (not recommended, btw) such as nero’s InCD or Roxio’s Direct CD as, so far as I am aware, there are no freeware packet writing programs.

I going to state the obvious .You need to check your drives capabilities.In other words does it read & write to CD RW discs.
Nero info tool will give you this information .So will ImgBurn.
If you install ImgBurn.from pulldown/mode select write.From pulldown Tools /Drive/Capabilites.