Best FREE .pdf create program


Want to get advise on the best .pdf creating program that will allow me to assemble numerous pages into one .pdf file to send out-

Thanks in advance-eh!


Well on the past Ive used this open source one, called PDFCreator, which is very good at what it does I must say.

But you could also try PrimoPDF which is basically something a friend o’ mine recommended last week, havent tried it yet though.

And last but not least, there’s the GhostView Suite, which Ive tried under Linux of course, but I guess it must work pretty much the same on windows (you didnt specify OS!).


go for PDFCreator big fella


Thanking everyone for the information - downloaded PDFCreator = no problem

Could not get the download to work with PrimoPDF-eh!

I also like FreePDF XP 3.07… no-nonsense GS-based PDF writer.

OpenOffice can save to .pdf too. Of course, this is a whole office suite, but you need one of those anyways, and this is the best you can get. I never used anything else for creating .pdf documents, though depending on the source format, there may be better solutions.

Foxit PDF Editor is very good, too.

Don’t know about creating with Foxit but it is a very fast reader.


Megadeth, I said Foxit Pdf EDITOR, not Reader!