Best free iPhone apps

I’m wondering wheter you guys know any good free iPhone apps? Of course everyone has different ones, with the AppStore being that big currently - but I was wondering, what do you consider to be the best free iPhone apps? You probably all have your own top free apps, I really like to know more!

Shazam, Skype and Ebuddy are very popular (free) apps for your iPhone. And if you are on facebook, check out the facebook iPhone app (this is also a free iPhone app)!

And if more of your friends have an iPhone, check out this (almost free) app that allows you to send instantly messages (SMS) completely free: Ping(!/Ping!.html)

Again, only works if your friends also have an iPhone, but you can really save costs here and it’s easy too!

I’m curious to see which other free iPhone apps will show up over here? :slight_smile:

The Pandora Radio app is one of my favorites . . .

Haven’t heard of that one, could you tell more about it?

Pandora is an internet radio app that you can run on your PC or iPhone. or just check it out in the app store.