Best Free Image Maker/Virtual Drive

I’m trying to make a image of a game on a dvd so I dont have to keep putting the disc back in. I used nero6 and its vitural drive, the image mounted, but the game(quake4) still says put in the dvd.

I’m wondering what program is the best to make a image/ and then mount it on a virtural drive.

Also will that same program work to make a image of DVD’s?

well daemontools is a great program for that up to 4 drives and its “easy” to use if im right …otherwise just google it :stuck_out_tongue:

also i must add that newer games are getting slowely but surely iso protected (just some really)

otherwise you could-guess-what-to-use to get around it (probably against the rules if i say it so i let you figure it out)

and magic iso is good to make iso´s of cds ?

just a good program so nothing to add :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried mouting the image with that deamon tools but it still did not work. Its legal to make 1 software copy of the dvd or something so it shounl’t be illegal, but thanks for the ideas ill keep looking.

You still need to deprotect the executable in some way. We can’t tell you how to do that here… NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK.

I understand, thanks for the help.

daemon tools has protection emulation to enable the right emulation click on the systray icon and enable the right one

well i just tried all 4 and none of them worked. It seems to be too much trouble getting it to run with a virtual drive. I think ill just stick in the dvd to play.

Might try to look around the gamecopyworld site for a fix.

Give Alcohol 120% a try.