Best free dvd software?

I’m looking for the best free dvd software for dvd playback. It does not need to be a free dvd burner software, although I don’t mind if it is. Most important is that it’s free (so no Nero and PowerDVD/ WinDVD for me) - and I hate Windows Media Player. I don’t have much knowledge of these things, so please bear with me. Where can I download this dvd player software?

Media_Player_Classic_Home_Cinema or VLC_media_player are two that come to mind.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2483304]Media_Player_Classic_Home_Cinema or VLC_media_player are two that come to mind.[/QUOTE]I second that :iagree:
My quote has the original sources btw.

Remember paid program are paid for a good reason so you can update the software and get support when something goes wrong. Plus you have the warranty and customer service for paid product for life of the software. So to just eliminate the other software without weighing the pros and cons your just limiting yourself. I myself have VLC and WinDVD, WMP12 with codecs. So I choose not to limit myself to just one particular software. IMO

Google a program called Kantaris. I think you will like it and its free.:wink:

I like GOM…seems to play anything without hassle.

…and it´s only 5.86MB

Thanks for all your responses.

alan, what for program is Kantaris and why would I want to use that one?

deanimator, gom looks nice I like the fact that it’s small but does it play everything? I asked a friend of mine the other day and he recommended windows media player classic, just like olyteddy and mciahel said.

coolcolours, i’m curious, can’t I update the free software titles that are recommended here? Or do they miss something that paid programs don’t have?

[QUOTE=ZappZapp;2484376]…deanimator, gom looks nice I like the fact that it’s small but does it play everything?

GOM has its own codecs built in: it plays DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, MOV, FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, and H263

I use Windows Media Player (not the same as Media Player Classic) a lot…, but it´s limited, and if I have problems I try VLC or GOM.

Reviews of GOM

Unfortunately, while VLC and Media Player Classic HT can play DVDs, they do have some glitches to watch out for:

[B]VLC[/B] : It does not detect interlacing, so you must manually enable deinterlacing each time you play a DVD. While VLC can be configured to deinterlace by default, this results in it trying to deinterlace even when playing progressive video (e.g. AVI files.) I also have a few DVDs which VLC cannot play, giving errors about the DVD’s VIDEO_TS.IFO file.

Media Player Classic HT : As far as I can recall, deinterlacing is off by default on this also, but it can be set to automatically deinterlace. However, it also seems to have trouble playing certain DVDs, but in this case with it freezing, especially with home-made movies. For example, on one DVD I have, the video freezes each time the scene changes. However, on the DVDs it plays fine, it is very well featured.

Zoom player was also another favourite, but it’s no longer free (although I don’t think the free version supported DVD). Interestingly, while I have the shareware professional version on one of my PCs, it never expired, so it’s worth a try if the others give an issue.

I only heard of GOM for the first time above, so can’t comment on this one yet, but will give it a try for curiosity. :slight_smile:

The main DVD player I use is WinDVD, but it is not free.