Best free DVD data burnware?

Thanks to those who helped this total noob find a good freeware solution to movie backup. Now i need something for burning data for storage purposes. I’ve seen CDBurnerXP mentioned, but instead of having to install a bunch of them and waste time and fragment my drive with a ton of lousy apps to find one good one, i was hoping i could get some suggestions as to whats considered the standard among freeware DVD burning apps that will do data.

Also while i’m at it, anyone know of a freeware program that will allow me to passwoord protect files on either hard disc or removable like DVD? (either will do) I’m talking specifically about a prog that will leave you with a protected file or folder that is not dependant on the program that created it to be used. In oither words, a program that i could protect a folder with via password, then be able to uninstall the program and be left with a still working password protected folder. Using XP’s compressed zips aren’t an option by the way. (too longwinded to go into)

You don’t have a copy of Nero around that you might have gotten with your burner or computer?

That is about as easy as it gets for burning date, sorry not much help that is all I have ever used for data burning since I can remember.

You could try deep burner or cdburner xp pro.

I would suggest using ImgTool Classic to build DVD video compliant images from dvd root directories and ImgBurn to burn the DVD video compliant images to disc. Not exactly “one good one” but I’ve been very pleased using this combination.

I would certainly agree with you that IFOedit, ImgTool and ImgBurn are an excellent combination freeware tools, but the original poster is asking about data storage rather than DVD-Video standard files.

Sorry, point taken. :doh:

You can install both CDBurnerXP Pro and Deepburner Free and it’s still less bloat than the complete Nero suite. So I don’t find anything wrong with having both. :wink:

There is also Burnatonce which needs an external app (Prodvd) for DVD support, you find info and how to set it up at their forum.