Best free DVD builder software?

I was using Neros free trial offer to build and burn my dvd movies. I thought it was a really nice program. since it’s expired i’m looking for another free one. Any suggestions on what’s the best?


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What do you mean exaclty by “build”?

DVD Shrink has basic abilities to re-author DVDs, it’s a neat app but I’m not sure it will fulfill you needs. Please be more precise about what you want to achieve. :iagree:

by build i mean… editing the video… creating menus, chapters… selecting quality, aspect ratio etc.

I dont know of a good free tool that can do all this. On you will find guides on how to do each of these things using several free tools, but my advice if you dont want to have to use about 10 complicated free tools to do this, requring time and alot of experiance, is to just buy Nero, I can think of a few other programs that would do the same as NeroVision Express, but they are more expensive.