Best free burner software..?

Hi fellow members. I am a new member, pushing 70, computer challenged, to state it mildly, and so very glad to have discovered this website / group. I need your help in obtaining the best, free burner software for my Sony CRX100E (CD-RW) that came with my DELL XPS T550 new in 1999. The software was “Adaptec Easy CD Creator”, which did an excellent job recording music, etc. from CD’s, but has long since gone out of business. The software was lost when a “tech” installed XP to replace 98se. Sony has software for this model, but refuses to let me obtain it as it wasn’t purchased with the burner when new. Any and all information, recommendations, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated I assure you. Thanks for reading this and your consideration.

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one of the best free burning softwares is [B]Imgburn[/B]. The user interface might not be that intuitive, but the software is very reliable.

For CD ripping (i.e. copying music from Audio CDs onto HDD) try either [B]CDex [/B]or [B]EAC[/B].


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CDBurnerXP is another free all-round burning software, and Burrrn is a great free software for burning audio CDs from mucis files (mp3, wav etc). :slight_smile:

Maybe something for you, Tconduce (haven’t tried it myself, as I don’t need it - and I think it has a funny name for a burning app, but many people seem to like it :)):

Your Sony is a stone-age 4X CD-burner ;), if you should experience compatibility problems with new CD’s, try installing the latest firmware for it (requires making a DOS boot-diskette):

Or even easier and seeing as you upgraded the PC to Windows XP already, you might want to put in a new CD/DVD burner as well (they’re cheap and burn much better & faster than your current drive).

Adaptec Easy CD Creator is still in business. It is called Roxio Easy Media Creator. I concur with everyone else, as I use all of those progs on occasion, according to what I am doing.

[QUOTE=slytrans69;2057976]Adaptec Easy CD Creator is still in business. It is called Roxio Easy Media Creator. I concur with everyone else, as I use all of those progs on occasion, according to what I am doing.[/QUOTE]

If I’m not wrong, it is not free as requested by Tconduce :stuck_out_tongue:

As Cressida mentioned above; you might consider a new DVD±R burner which will perform nicely for you and if you buy retail (and some OEM) you will get new burning software also.

I had that burner at one time. Although it was a 4X burner if I burned anything over 2X speed I would get a buffer underun. Other than that it worked great! I ended up buying a 32X Cendyne at OfficeMax for $10.00. Then using instructions from the helpful people at CLUB CD Freaks I cross flashed it to a 48X Lite-On. Boy! That was back in the day. Where have you gone rdgrimes? Anyway, I’ll hunt down my old notes and see what kind of software I was using back then


[U]CD Burner Software[/U]. First, thanks one and all for all the expedient suggestions, software and information re: the dire need for Burner Software for the [U]Sony CRX100E[/U]. I hope at some time in the future, if I’m still around, to purchase a new system, but that will have to wait for now. I do not need anything more sophisticated than that which will allow me to copy music and text (data). I need software that is easy to use, and provides quality results. I need to transfer to CD a large number of irreplaceable PC “Favorites” accumulated and LP’s out of a collection of about 50. I am so computer illiterate and yet feel so fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable and giving group. I have read previously, I believe, on this website about “Imgburn”, which seemed very good but maybe too much for me to handle, I don’t know. CD Burner XP & Burrrn I haven’t been exposed to before so don’t know about them, [U]for my purposes / skill level,[/U] either. Anyone, please feel free to post a possible solution for what I need. Thanks, again!

I’ve merged this with your original thread, since it’s not clear what you’re asking now after having previously received three suggestions: two which you haven’t tried.

Are you asking for help on how to use these programs…?

imkidd57: Sorry I offended your authority! Please tell me what I should say in a post according to your wants. I was trying to thank those that had offered help and further define what my needs perceived to be as well as express my thoughts on the posts I had received. I also noticed in another area of this website the following possiblities for a software: Deep Burner, Silent Night Micro Burner and Express Burner. That makes 3 more added to the 4 previous. If and when I download a software and possibly run into trouble using it, I would certainly ask for help here if you would allow it. Thanks for your prompt concern. Sincerely.

Hey Tconduce, it’s just one of these forum conventions to try and keep everything on one subject in the same thread, it’s cleaner that way. No harm done.

As far as the burning software suggestions you received, I want to warn you against installing and testing all of them on your PC. The number one enemy of Windows is third party software, so you have to try and keep the number of installed programs to a strict minimum, that’s if you want to enjoy your new XP installation for a long time anyway. The best way to slow down and possibly break your Windows installation is to go and test different programs on it. Even uninstalling them will leave enough traces to affect performance (and I can imagine your old hardware isn’t the fastest to begin with).

Bottom line: do your research on the net (there’s screenshots and guides abound for all of them) and choose carefully. I’ll stick with my recommendation for Ashampoo Burning Studio, which, from what I’ve seen, is about as user-friendly as it gets.

Burrrn is dead easy to use, if you have any music files you’d like to burn to a regular audio disc; literally just drag’n’drop your files into the Burrrn window, and hit Burrrn. All there is to it :slight_smile: