Best firmwares

hello guys and girls fitting tonight my shiney benq’s wondering whats best firmwares etc for them :slight_smile: models are BenQ DW-1640,1650,1655 :slight_smile:


there are dozens of threads with that topic, so take some time and browse them to find your personal favourite. :bigsmile:


For 1640 is BSLB.
For 1650 and 1655, pick one you like.

flashed the 1640 to BSLB now the 1650 is on BCDC and my 1655 isnt fitted yet as im awaiting an IDe card and my plextor 760 a :slight_smile: , also its it usual when i have solid burn both on and wpoc on the buffers on the writer when in nero go a little haywire ? :slight_smile: my 1650 likes to flick from 94% to 89% to 79 then back to 98 for a while then repeat it is it cos its learning the media ? , also what do you find the best combination between solid burn for known and unknown and overspeeding and wopc cos no matter what i switch it all turns out the same or do i have to reboot everytime i change something

hey marcus:
if i’m readin ur post correctly, u want to put a benq on a pci ide controller card??? if i remember correctly u can’t do it. it’ll never run in dma mode. i have a silicone image pci ide card and i can’t run my benq’s on it.

i was planning too but ill stick my samsung and litey on it instead

I have a DW1650 running off a SiI680A-based PCI IDE card and it’s happily running in UDMA-2.

interesting, i have the same exact card and all i ever got (if i rememebr correctly) was multi-word dma, no ultra dma. well maybe not the same card, butt the same chipset. i have a generic sii 0680a. i no alot of poeple have the “update bios” in there card options. i never get that.