Best Firmware

OK, got my new 111D today, burned a DL and a SL and they both work great. Since I know it is working fine, I’d like to up-grade my firmware to the most usable.

Heard about the TDB’s firmware, what’s the most adviseable?

Thanks in advance.


and you have this done to yours too ?

crossflash to Pioneer 111L drive with the tdb 111L 8.19* internal firmware then reboot pc and flash with tdb 111L 8.26 internal firmware. bitsetting to dvd-rom for dual layer dvd+r media is standard without tdb firmware. But if you want bitsetting to dvd-rom for single layer dvd+r media, dvd-ram capability and labelflash then use the above tdb firmwares.

yes I do

thanks, Its done

Now let the show begin. :smiley:

SO whats the benefit of flashing PIONEER 111D to 111L? Does that mean it can booktype all dvd+R disc including DL, +r and RW? And wats the newest version? Lightscribe??? Wtf

@ davidw89,

Maybe using the CD Freaks magic “Search” button will provide you with the information you seek ->

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