Best firmware to use for ASUS DRW-1608P2S?



Hiya, I heard that the best thing to do is crossflash with the PIO-110 NOT the PIO-110D can anyone give me confirmation on this or give me any more suggestions.
P.S: I wanna flash it because it’s taking me about 5 hours to burn a 4.5gb disc which I’m sure is not right, although that does include transcoding from avi.


And that is the reason for it - flashing your drive will change NOTHING in speed.


Did you check your drive to see if it is in the PIO or DMA mode?


Thanks chef didn’t know that, Jaminsd I didn’t what’s the difference?


Maybe you should first convert the content to a DVD image/ISO, then burn that image seperately.

That would give some info about an possible issue.


I’m burning something at the mo but when i’m done i’ll try thanks.


DMA (Direct Memory Acess) is a lot faster than PIO,Go to device manger and click on IDE channels and it will show you the Pri and sec right click on one and go to properties then advanced settings and it will show you if it’s in the PIO or DMA mode, if in the PIO mode check the DMA if available then do the same thing to the Sec IDE channel, and then reboot.If they were in the PIO mode they will be slow,


Thanks for that Jaminsd they’re both already in DMA mode though


Is there any other way to speed up the burn? Also if I am downloading stuff on the computer while it’s burning would that make the video and audio go out of sync and/or skip?? Thanks.


It very well could, what speed are you trying to burn at?


Which DMA mode?


Jaminsd: I’m using Nero and it says that it will burn at the max speed but doesn’t say what it is though the max of my dvdrw is 16. Chef: Primary is on ultra dma mode 5 and secondary on ultra dma mode 4, no idea what that means though.


Would mean the Pio is on Secondary (master or slave) and properly set up.