Best firmware to burn 360 back-ups with Liteon SOHW 1693S?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using firmware KC4B on my Lite-On SOHW-1693S and would like to know if there are firmwares which are recommended for burning Xbox360-back-ups or if it’s ok to use the current one.

I want to burn the back-ups with Imgburn V2.3.2.0 and CloneCD

Is this ok or do you have any recommendations for me ?

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Hello Damasch, the following thread may help. The firmware you’re using seems to be the latest for your compatible drive, which improves +/-R burn quality, but honestly don’t know if you need a specific one. Years ago, I used to enjoy the original PlayStation with an external Mod-Plugin, and when it came time to use a good recordable media, Verbatim was the one (ahh, remembering the coasters from bad media…). Nowadays, Verbatim is strictly recommended for Double Layer purposes combined with ImgBurn or a software which doesn’t mess the Layer-Break.

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p.s. I still have the '96 console somewhere, even the original box, mod-plugin & instructions… but no “fanboy” at all. Enjoy the games with the Xbox-360.

[B]i have a 1673S drive (which is basically the same drive as you got)[/B] and i use newest firmware (JS0D in my case) and i can burn 360 games @ 4x and they work 100percent :wink: … just make sure you use quality media like Verbatim DVD+R DL discs… and also i would recommend seting the bit setting to dvd-rom in the firmware itself so the 360 see’s it as a dvd-rom and not a dvd+r but i think with new firmwares on the 360 drive itself it aint required anymore but it’s still recommended.

also, from disc quality checks i get better burns on my drive @ 4x than i do at 2.4x burning speed.

i have a ms28 drive in my 360.

all-in-all i dont think you have anything to worry about with that drive as it burns well if you ask me.

also just use ImgBurn as clonecd is not needed… just make sure u load the .dvd file when burning the 360 games as it contains the layerbreak info.

DONT load the .iso file itself when burning… you can but u got to manually setup the layerbreak point in imgburn itself… me personally i just load the .dvd file instead.

p.s. since u need to make backups your going to have to use a samsung ms25/ms28 drive OR a Kreon drive which u can get on ebay for like 50 bucks or so… cause with newest iXtreme fw’s you cant use a hitachi drive in the 360 itself to make proper backups.

but if u do have a samsung ms25/ms28 drive in your 360 itself… you MUST use Xtreme 5.2 (or 5.3) pretty much cause they removed the backup options in iXtreme fw (which is newest firmware for the drive)… but if you want to use xbox live you pretty much have to use iXtreme 1.2 RevC fw on your drive.

bottom line = if you dont use xbox live… use Xtreme 5.2 (or 5.3) as it’s technically overall better feature wise… if you use xbox live you gotta use iXtreme fw.