Best firmware NEC 4551(3550A) to burn Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004)

What is the best firmware NEC 4551(crossflashed from 3550A) to burn Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004)?

And what about downgrade to 4550A and flash with new MadDog firmware.

Anybody have such expirience - is there any new thing there? Looks like new firmware has new burning strategies anв other stuff.

NEC have not changed the write strategies for MCC004 from the days of the ND-3520A. :slight_smile:

So there is no scence in changing firware for MCC004?

Where can I find table with all write strategies versions for each firmware to compare and find mine :slight_smile:

In modified firmware (like 1Z2, 1.X3) write strategies changed/tweaked - or only RPC, Bitsetting are add?

I have been using f/w 1-Z2 for my NEC 4551 for months and very satisfied with its performace.

And what about write strategies for MCC004 - where is the newest in 1-Z2 (4551A), 1.85(4551A), MadDob 1.3F(4550A).