Best firmware for WH08LS20 and question about HDCP?


Recently got the LG WH08LS20 and installed it in my system, running Win XP Pro x64 SP2 (Windows Server 2003 basically).

First, what is the best firmware for this drive? I couldn’t update it with the disc that came with the drive because apparently they don’t support my OS (didn’t recognize it as XP because it is x64 is my assumption). Is this drive the same as the BH08LS20?

Secondly, what is HDCP and how do I get around it? One of the apps I installed from the disc that came with the drive said my computer basically isn’t ready to play Blu Ray movies because my monitor (and also video card maybe) isn’t HDCP ready. My video card is a Radeon 4870x2.

Thank you.

Regarding HDCP…here is a screenshot from cyberlink blu ray advisor:

My display is a Samsung 245BW. My video card connects to my LCD with DVI. This means I should have HDCP support. The screenshot above indicates my display does not support HDCP…why?

Also, it says my OS is Windows Server 2003 SP2…which is fine, I’m running XP Pro x64, and they’re basically the same thing. However, why does it not support HDCP?

The driver I’m not worried about since I assume I can update it and get HDCP support?

Also, it is not displaying my CPU correctly (Core i7 965 vs P3 Xeon)… hopefully that doesn’t matter?