Best firmware for UJ-815A

Panasonic “Super” multi in an AJP (rebadged Clevo D480V etc.) laptop.

Drive currently appears as secondary master, firmware D100
This page doesn’t have the “A” on the name, is it the same drive, and what’s the difference between D101 and the TZJ ones? - apart from presumablt the D100/D101 uses a jumper, and they use the firmware to specify.

You can only use the jumper-specific firmware for your drive and if you flash another one the warranty is void anyway.
It wold be a misflash and mostly their is no undo unless you use a DOS-flasher which allows you to flash back…

So D101 it is, then, though the “super” multi doesn’t look that super now, replacing a laptop drive is an expensive pain.

Is that an “A” versin, even though it doesn’t say? - from what I read, it’s the D100/101 firmware that makes the drive an “A”, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Have you tried to flash D101?

Not yet!

The drive works as it is, but I fear for media compatibility, though I doubt that much improvement was made in D101 - might not be worth the bother.

I was rather hoping someone might have been there already, and found it an improvement.

If your drive has 100, you can try flashing with 101.
If the flasher finds out that your drive is not suitable for the update, it will deny flashing it.