Best firmware for TYG02



I want to do a pole to see which is the best firmware for the TYG02s. Thanks. Please feel free to post scans with your comments.


I voted for B7T9.
Reasons and scan here


I’ve gotten 2 99% quality burns (and a half-dozen 97% Quality burns) with the U9 firmware.



I’ve had about 100 Fuji TY’s burned at 8x or 12x quality scan at 97%.
Funny thing is that I’ve never had one at 96% or at 98%. They all scan at 97%.


I switched back to T9 when my TY02 and TYG02 scans got worse using U9, but it did not make any difference. Another case of media variance within a spindle, that gets blamed on the firmware (or other irrelevant factors).
I will keep this firmware until there is a good reason to change it, but I might as well have kept U9.