Best firmware for the NEC 3500a?



Whats the best firmware out? Thanks…


Unless there’s an obvious bug, the answer to this question is going to be incredibly subjective. It’s really not a bad assumption to make that the newest is the best, I’m sure the NEC engineers aren’t trying to ruin your DVD burning experience by making new firmware revisions that break things.


Most probably this drive is already out of warranty time so I would suggest Liggy&Dee’s modified firmwares on this page.

I’m using 2.1a bitsetting (fast) firmware on my 3500 right now. :wink:


Thanks alot, ill check that one out.

About it being subjective, what exactly will i need thats relative to only me?

What are the chances liggy and dees version will actually mess my drive up? Also, which version would i choose? Theres like 800, one’s RCP1 (region free, right? dont really need that), fast, original…heh. How can i tell if my warranty is up?

Thanks alot guys


If the drive is over a year old (almost all are) then you are out of warranty; exceptions being OEM.

L&Ds firmware is very safe; the real question is what media ID do you burn? There are a few variations in older firmware that I have found where TYG02 and TYG01 are better.

If you use YUDEN000 T02 or MCC 003 or MCC 004 I have found 2.TG is great.


I use to use ridata, which was decent, but now i use some cheap compUSA stuff. I already learned (here) that it sucks, but i gotta make do with what i have :frowning: Is there anyway i can raise the 4x to 8x without problems? The drive automatically raised the Ridata discs burn speed, but not on these ones.


btw, are Nero, DVD shrink, and DVD decrypter still the best backup utilities?


You are going the wrong way. When you buy crap, the last thing you want to do is burn at a faster speed. The software you are using is good but out of date and will eventually run into things it can’t copy. The best bet is AnyDVD and CloneDVD from slysoft.


Oh…didnt know that lol. I think its had problems on a couple disney movies.


DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are still great programs, although you’ll need to use something else in addition for some of the newest discs that have newer copyright protections. Try DVD Fab Decrypter, DVD43, or AnyDVD for newer releases that you have trouble with. All 3 work very well for me, DVDFab Decrypter and DVD43 are free. DVD43 and AnyDVD run in the background while you rip the disc, DVDFab Decrypter rips the files to the hard drive itself.