Best Firmware for S203B?



What is the best firmware for the S203B in terms of burn quality? I have SB01. The updates for SB02, SB03 say “Nothing Special” and SB04 says “Game CD Support.” I’ll upgrade if write quality improves, even marginally.

I will pretty much burn only TY CD-R’s and TYG02 media @ 8X.



I’ve used SB01, SB03 and SB04…currently using SB04 and it works just fine as compared to the others.


Currently have 2, using SB01 in one & SB03 in the other.


I just bought a 203B and waiting to receive it, and was wondering what is the differences between SB01, SB03, SB04, please. Just wanted to make sure this way when i get my burner, i can decide to change or not the firmware. Thanks