Best Firmware for PX-712A?



I just purchased a Plextor PX-712a that should arrive today via fedex. Can anyone here tell me which is the best firmware for this dvd recorder? Even thou I don’t have it yet, I want the best possible write quality for my dvd-r.

I just order BellA, and Taiyo-Yuden disk from




I’d say the last version (1.05) is the best version. If you’re going to use quality media like Taiyo Yuden then every firmware version will perform great, or rather it should perform great ;). If you’re having problems with certain media you can always try another firmware version of course.


I have to concur that 1.05 is the best.


If you want to use DVD+RW discs then you will need Firmware 1.05 as previous versions did not write them correctly.


Say what? 95% of what I use is +RW and never had a single problem. 1.04 semi sucked, 1.05 Lets not go there, So Im in 1.03 and it is working well. :iagree:

BTW I Don’t think what Plextor does anymore really matters, To many faster full featured drives have allready been released now. They had their chance and blew it. I will not consider another. Plextor is down in the dust now. :iagree:


Before Firmware 1.05 DVD+RW burned with the PX-712A wouldn’t work on my XBOX which works with DVD+RW discs burned with any other drive. See my thread about this issue here