Best firmware for pioneer 116d burn to xbox 360 backups

hi friends.
i have a pioneer 116d burner.and i want flash this burner.
i burn xbox 360 backups for this.
which firmware versiyon fitting flashing to 360 backups.
anyone can help me pioneer fw versiyon please.
thanks for all and sorry my bad english

@ tornaga,

Welcome to the Forum.

What is required to successfully Burn XBox 360 BackUps is a Firmware that supports auto book type bit setting of DVD+R DL Media to DVD-ROM. ALL Pioneer DVR-116D Firmwares support auto book type bit setting of DVD+R DL Media to DVD-ROM. In short ANY Pioneer DVR-116D Drive right out of the box will Burn XBox 360 BackUps.

The most current up to date Pioneer DVR-116D Firmware is version 1.09 ->

The real task in successfully burning XBox 360 BackUps is to fully understand the art and science of Burn XBox 360 BackUps. A mandatory requirement is the use Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. Attempting to use any other DL DVD Media will result in less than desirable results.


thanks for your answer my friend.i will flash my pioneer this 1,09 versiyon.i downloaded it thanks again