Best Firmware for NEC ND 3500AG



Is Herrie’s 2.17 Firmware the best for ND 3500AG drive at the moment for you?


TDB 2f8 is basically the same with a very easy to use windows flasher. Works great for me.


precedence is Lyggy´s beta 7


Liggy’s beta firmware is still undergoing testing so be careful if you choose to flash with it. If you don’t need Single Layer bitsetting, stick with the stock firmware.

Also, i wish people would search the threads instead of creating a new thread to ask the same question over and over, week in week out.




But, I don’t understand one thing ! The Herrie’s 2.17 Firmware is only MadDog2.F8
with changed ID string as NEC ND 3500AG ? So It’s the seem if I install the first or the
second ! I think there is much confusion on this point ! Would be a good idea to do a
quick precis about different kind of firmware with all available features !
Don’t you think?