Best firmware for nec-3550a?


first of all, i would like to thank you guys for a great work doing here! i have found very useful information here. :wink:

but despite plenty of valuable information here, i have some questions about firmware. there are so much firmwares for 3550 at the moment and in fact i am little confused…which one is the best? i think that the best options to choose firmware is here:
but which one? maddog, dee’s, liggy’s or maybe original? and what does it mean: rpc1? i hope that you guys could help me. :wink:

thanks in advance.

I would say either 1y6 or 1f3. I just recently went from 1y6 to the maddog 1f3 firmware. If you go by write strats then 1f3 has the newer ones…

does this firmware support bitsetting and region free?

MadDog firmwares typically support bitsetting. As for the region-free, you have your option of loading the original or the RPC1 version.