Best firmware for nec 3520aw?

hi, I know this question has been asked and has been posted as a big thread but I just like to have input from people who has done the flash and the experience ot recommend me the “best” firmware for the 3520a drive. I am currently running 3.04 stock firmware from nec. thanks a lot.

I like Liggy’s 3.04 bitsetting firmware.
Its regionfree and has bitsetting.
You can get it here :

THANKS for your reply. so the 3.04 only get rid of the region code and allows bitsetting on dvd+r, it does not alter any burning speed then. it’s stable?

My choice for my media is 1.UF. See here for all the choices and see my sig for different media.

You’re correct.
I use it since its out. Haven’t had any trouble with it yet.
I think Maddog does the same.
Liggy may correct if i’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Why not 1.UG?

It all depends on the media you use and the speeds you want to burn at. As you can see the post above uses good media MCC003 and only burns at a max of 8x and even TYG-01 at 4x, when it can be burned at higher sppeds but the scans won’t look as good.

Ok, but is there that much diff between 1.UF and 1.UG? I think slower media strats are same anyway…

I tried it and it didn’t like my TYG01, as I recall, so I went back. It could have just been a fluke but you know how superstitious we Freaks are. By all means, try it out.

I am so confused as there are so many firmwrae out there. I have not seen one where everybody agrees upon.

These are the medias that I curretn own:

Ritek/ridata R03

what do you guys suggest?

There are, generally, two seperate things that modified firmware does. The first is to change bitsetting, RPC settings, or the read speed. These changes will do nothing to improve or change the write strategy of the media. The second set of changes either improves the writing or speeds it up, often both. Unless you are looking for something in either of these two catagories, I would leave the firmware where it is. Your media is fairly standard and I would expect that the factory settings will serve you very well. If you run into problems playing +R discs on your home player you need bitsetting. If that is the case, go to the NEC site and read up. In that case I would use 1.UF as it solves the bitsetting problem.

BTW, the TY “value” media that is so cheap burns very well at 8X in the 3520. You cannot get a better brand at any price. See Supermedia or Meritline.

Just be careful not to get fake TY02 which are sold as Bulkpaq and Hyundai too, I believe. Whoever produces them is looking just for profits and not quality.

yeah, i prefer to have the bitsetting and rpc option disabled. As far as burning faster, I guess a bit faster is fine as long as it produces good result. (When I had my 2500A, I flash the firmware to herrie’s 1.07(which is a very well known and proven) but now looking at the forum, it seems like there’s no 1 “great, stable” firmware for the 3520a.

I am still using the old media from my old 2510a drive, hence they are a bit lower speed rated than 16x, but htey got the job done:).

Thanks for the input though guys, really apprecitead.