Best Firmware for NEC 3500?



I am a new freak in dvd burning art and i have under my command a NEC 3500 drive ready to fall in the battle but i am still confused about the firmware i must load it.I have searched a lot but it would be helpful a second opinion from a more experienced freak. :cool:


Use the firmware installed on your drive first, check and make sure everything is fine, then choose one of the many 3500 firmwares available.


Don’t let flashing your drive intimidate you. Your never going to be locked into a single firmware (ask Dee or Quikee how many times a day they flash thier drives :slight_smile: ). Just take a look at the different threads for what firmwares are out there and what kind of results “Freaks” are getting with thier various medias. Then tryout different firmwares and test (and post) your results. You’ll figure out your preferences. :iagree:



Suggest flashing to “Official” version 2.18 - prove out your drive before you venture into the world of hacked firmware - if only to preserve your warranty return ability until you are satisfied that it is working properly for you IMO-



Yeah I agree - upgrade the firmware to version 2.18 before you do anything else. I had problems with Ritek DL media - then upgraded to 2.18 and I am good to go now.


Qikee Milestone Extreme v3 is the best IMHO


I have 2.18 and I get almost flawless burns with TY, Verbatim -R, Prodisc S03, Ritek G05, Ricoh W11 and Ritek R03. This drive is so good out of the box I almost never burn anything on my Liteon anymore.


I just gave in and flashed to NEC 2.18 (218btrpc1) from and I have been very pleased. It leaves all the stock burning strategies and adds auto bitsetting, removes riplock and changes to region free. Binflash 1.11 worked like a charm. Much thanks Liggy