Best firmware for NEC 2500A


I want to use the best firmware for the 2500A. I am using Herrie’s 2.16 now and have used his B5. the B5 worked good but for some reason 1 out of 5 disc would be bad. and CDR with B5 was a 50% fail rate. I dont care much about burn speed and until DL comes down in$$$ I dont care to buy any.

Yes I have looked at tons of post on this board

Hm, I don’t think that your problems are related to the firmware :frowning:

But you can try the firmware which is discussed in this thread. Unfortunately it has the typical bad media support by NEC.

You already used the best pieces of firmware.

Try using better media if not yet the case and check your installation using the sticky thread about FAQ and Troubleshooting.

The only time I’ve had any problems with my 2510A was if I burnt a DVD that had a finger print on it. Fingerprints seem to be quite well tolerated on reading a well burnt disk, but any small prints prior to burning mess up a burn every time. I wonder if this is the reason people say that sometimes a 2500/2510 can’t read back its own burns.

I use good media, BeAll Verbatim Fuji made in Japan but I still got 1 out of 5 bad with B5 2.16 works good but there is no bitsetting.

Try burn CDR in 24X instead of 32x maximum speed, this should solve the problem