Best Firmware for NEC 2500A / 3540A

Hi i have a NEC 3540A and my buddy got a 2500A.

Could u please tell me what is the best firmware for these two burners??

Please also write if you have other good tricks for these two burners :flower:

For the 2500, you should try a 2510 firmware like the 2.F9 (for bitsetting) or the 205D (for the latest media support). Can’t help you out on the 3540 though.

Liggy & Dee’s ND-25x0 Page

Yeah that; after you use the tool to convert to 2510. It will enable DL support that is a good thing to have.

The 3540 should work fine with Dee’s 1.W9. These firmwares have so many people trying them, that they are more tested than the official releases

Okay thank u ! I have DL a file called 1w9_rpc1 for mig 3540 think it is done by Liggy, is that the best and newest ?

That’s the one for 3540.

You loose warranty using modded firmware.

Latest NEC 3540 firmware 1.04.

Sry it’s the one Dee have done! Super