Best firmware for LTD-163 (D)

I’ve got a LiteOn LTD-163D.
Firmware: GHR3

Would the firmware for LTD-163 (GH5N) be better in media compatibility or performance?

Could I upgrade to GH5K and then update to GH5N without any problem?

Thanks for reply!

the GH5K is only for the LTD 163 not 163D

Now I’ve flashed the firmware by using mtkflash to GH5K, rebooted and updated in pure dos to GH5N without any problems.

My question was: Is is more media compatibility with GH5N instead with GHR3 (can it read out more cd protections)?

It’s very important to me!

Please reply!

Firmware GH5N is newer then GHR3 so I guess it matches more media but I’m not sure.

Where can i find GH5K.bin, GH5N.bin and GHR3.bin??

Look here: