Best Firmware for Liteon

Whats the best firmware for the Liteon DVD-ROMs

  • XJ-HD166s and 165H?? Is there any Firmware hacks that allow these to read DVD+r and RAM etc?

Any links??

The LiteOn 165/166 already CAN read +R.
AFAIK there is no mod for DVD-RAM reading.
Just use the newest official fw and you should be fine.

XJ-HD166s & others in link below


P.S. - they been down intermittedly lately, keep trying if site is down

The 165 and 166 already read dvd-ram. All dvd rom drives with the multi standard do.

Originally posted by freedom Cry
The 165 and 166 already read dvd-ram. All dvd rom drives with the multi standard do.

Are you sure? I don’t really think so…

Support Disc Format :
Conform to Multi-Read & DVD-Multi Standard
UDF, all DVD single/dual layer ( PTP, OTP ), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW
ISO-9660, all CD-ROM formats both 8cm & 12cm discs

According to my earlier link I posted with latest firmware those are part of the specs :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Ssseth
Are you sure? I don’t really think so…

You’re wrong I’m afraid, I have owned a 165 and now own a 166. They both read dvd-ram recorded in my Panasonic E50. This was the main reason I bought these drives. The DVD multi-standard logo means the drive can read DVD-RAM and DVD-RW. Some Toshiba’s and Panasonic’s can also. The Liteon 163 didn’t have the multi logo and didn’t read DVD-RAM.

@freedom Cry

Did you miss my post right above yours?
I even bolded some of it for everyone to see.

No need to target anyone for being wrong (which in this case isn’t relevant anyway because Ssseth said he thinks so & there was no absolute confirmation on his behalf), bear in mind also that we are all human and occasionally do make mistakes, I am sure I have too in the past, please keep in mind we are all here to help each other.

Understood xtacydima. Sorry if I didn’t mean to sound offensive. I did only post to help Hocus_Pocus. My apologies Ssseth. :o

@freedom Cry

Update firmware and you get DVD+R & DVD+RW :wink:

see my link from before

My 166 does read +r and +rw. (see Nero info tool)

Nero info tool doesn’t detect my Toshiba(shown below the 166s) as reading dvd+r and dvd+rw but it does. All Toshiba’s do. But because Toshiba doesn’t pay into the +r forum it’s hidden. Just use the 18xx firmwares and not the 10xx firmwares to allow your toshiba dvdrom to read +r and +rw.

where did you get toshiba firmware, i have an old one i wouldnt mind updating.

It’s a hacked fw by neo and hijacker. It has total de-restricted ccs reading and dvd-r -rw and dvd+r +rw reading. It can read a 4.3 gig dvdr in under 5 mins.

darn got an sd-m1212 guess its just too old :frowning:

Afraid so. But the 1212 was a good solid reader in it’s day. I bet it still works doesn’t it. This drive came out before Toshiba started restricting their drives when reading css encryption and dvdr. It actually could get up to 6x from what I remember.

xtacydima, you can try this region free fw for your sd-m1212. It should read dvd+r aswell.

Toshiba sd-m1212 FW

No offense taken! :smiley:

Well I’m happy to now hear those drives support DVD-RAM reading. They should post that info in the official specs! :iagree: