Best Firmware for LiteOn SOHW-1653S



Hi Guys,

I have a LiteOn SOHW-1653S DVD Writer.I want to know which is the best firmware among the many available which gives optimal burn quality on DVD-R media.

My present firmware is CS02.
Codeguys site has many available for this drive.I was thinking of patching it with " CS0T - patched - crossflashing - fast burn FBD/FBDX ".Will this give me the best quality or should i update with any other ?
Also please tell me what is the difference between FBD and FBDX ?



CS0T is the best firmware for your drive. liteons like +r media better, but quality -r media is good, too.
you can’t go wrong with the patched version you mentioned.
FBD is fast burn for ±r media, FBDX is also quality patched.
just flash it, make some test burns and see how the play.

you can also do a disc quality scan with nero cd-dvd speed. use the search for detailled infos.