Best firmware for LiteOn 1693 and DL Media

Any clue of that cause my DL+R burns are coming out unreadable and i’ve had enough of wasting those little disks.



Would be most helpful if you told us what type media you are trying to burn - current firmware - operating system - how connected - program trying to burn with, etc

Oh right i totally forgot lol

  • My burner’s connected to my pc through a PCI to IDE card and using all the PCI’s bus bandwidth exclusively.

  • My pc specs:
    Athlon XP 3000+
    1 GB Ram
    A bunch of IDE hard drives but they all get ~40 MB/s + on benchmarks.

  • The DL media i’m using is RIDATA and they’re actually DL-R, sorry for the first post. The media code is RITEKP01 and it’s rated at 4x. I tried burning at 4 and 2x, the 2x burn actually came out worse than the 4x one.

  • Right now i’m using KS0B FBDX firmware which works extremely good for me (burning Ridata -R single layer disks).

I’m willing to save my EEPROM information, wipe it and flash the burner with a firmware that works better to burn a couple of these disks and then flash back to KS0B FBDX.

Also, please don’t just post telling me the disks are crap or something along those lines. I know they probably are, what i need is advice on how to get at least slightly readable disks =/

Thanks in advance!


The problem is most likely your Ritek media - not your burner-

Sorry to say - but all Ritek media - and especially their DL media - is pure crap- and crap media is just going to give you a crap burn - no matter how good your burner is - period!

So far the ONLY DL media even worth trying to burn is the Verbatim-

Also Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02 and Verbatim 16x +R MCC004 burned at 8x are by far the best SL media for the Liteon 1693-eh!

hah i’m not paying $4 for 1 disk, i’d rather pay 20 cents per single layer disk. It’s funny how DL media’s never gonna take off, compatibility is horrible and the prices not dropping such a long time is ridiculous. They’re not even the size of 2 full single layer disks.

Sorry, but I think you didn’t get the point.
DL media is complicated to manufacture and so far only Verbs are really good ones.