Best firmware for DW1640?

Hi. Just picked up two OEM DW1640’s from compusa the other day. Both were in compusa boxes (SKU 320105). I wouldn’t call it ‘re-badged’ because there is a DW1640 sticker with ‘manufactured by Benq’ on the drive. Looks like the firmware is GSLB. If I want to flash it to a retail firmware, do I need to do anything special, or can I just use the firmware version/flasher on the Benq site?

Also, what’s the best firmware for the 1640? I’ve seen mention lately of BSLB, yet the most recent firmware for the 1640 is BSRB. Anyone?



You’ll need to use BQFlasher to go from the GSXB firmware to the BSXB firmware. Most people use BSLB.

I’ve also settled with BSLB, the drive performs nicely overall with this firmware.

I don’t think there is a single best firmware for this drive. Many BSLB users shows excellent result on high quality single layer discs (TY, Verbatim) as well as other not-so-high quality discs. However if you are planning to burn on dual/double layer media, you might want to try BSQB or later since the changelog in BSQB states: “Improve the writing quality for Double Layer Disc” as seen here. Too bad it doesn’t detail which Double Layer Disc this firmware improves.

thanks for the info. Another quick question: I am already using BSRB on my current 1640. If I wanted to go back to BSLB, can I use the factory firmware/flasher, or do I have to use the BQflasher?


You can use the official firmware to upgrade/downgrade from BSxB to BSyB.

Just to add:
It will complain about going backwards but just click ok.