Best Firmware For DRW-3S163....?

I believe this is a rebagged LiteOn SOWH-1633. It currently has BSG2 firmware. I have noticed that @ 8x DVD burns, my movies end up choppy/freezing. I’m hoping a firmware upgrade can help fix this.

you can take all 1633s and 1653s firmwares. try which one works best for you. i recommend you to run CS09 trough omnipatcher and then flash your drive.

The flashing went well :slight_smile:
I’m burning a DVD right now and I’ll see if it plays without skips.
Thanks for the help !!

Edit: Will I be able to burn @ 16x, with 16x media ? I only have 8x media at this point.

16x burning, even with CS09, is still not the best but you can get some good 12x results with the right media. :wink:

Good to know. Can you recommend some 12x media?

Verbatim 16x MCC004 and Ricoh gold disc RICOHJPNR02@R03. Both burn very well at 12x.

Thanks :slight_smile: